TrailLites new Christchurch branch

TrailLite's new Christchurch branch TrailLite's new Christchurch branch

TrailLite's new Christchurch branch opens in April 2017

As we are closing in on 2016—a year full of surprises, announcements, and interesting situations—TrailLite has an exciting announcement lined up for the beginning of the New Year.

Christchurch will soon be securing a bigger and better TrailLite branch packed its popular motorhomes and the Bailey caravan.

Starting from April 2017, TrailLite will be located at 61 Hayton Rd Wigram, Christchurch.

Adam Newman, operations manager for TrailLite, says the move is an exciting time for the company and the motorhome and caravan industry in the south.

"This is a project we have been working on for a number of months and securing the perfect site, while it has taken some time, it will be well worth it come April.

"We have been involved in the Christchurch community for a long time now and felt it was time to bring more of our range, expertise, and overall TrailLite experience to the south by delivering a larger TrailLite exclusive site," Adam says.

A key fact for all South Islanders to keep in mind is that the Bailey caravan and the Bailey rangefinder will soon be a permanent fixture at the TrailLite Christchurch yard.

Until the new site is operational, South Islanders can continue to receive the TrailLite service at their Hornby site. 


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