New head of research and development at Iconic Motorhomes

New head of research and development at Iconic Motorhomes Michael and Mark talk business. New head of research and development at Iconic Motorhomes

Iconic Motorhomes welcomes a new head of research and development to the team.

The planets have aligned over Iconic Motorhomes perfectly as co-owner Michael Parker was looking for a like-minded technical brain to join the Iconic team and front the research and development projects which are constantly running through his innovative mind.

Iconic is a major dealer of Swift Motorhomes Kontiki and Bolero ranges, with a busy workshop and vibrant apprenticeship scheme. The company has developed technology to make its own parts and accessories and Michael has been developing a world-leading 4WD system for Fiat motorhomes.

Running of the maintenance team for the 40+ motorhomes on the Iconic luxury hire fleet, while also overseeing the busy Christchurch sales yard, has given him little opportunity to push forward on his four-wheel drive project. Some of the machines and tools had arrived from the USA to transform the prototype models built on 3D printers in his workshop, but things were moving too slowly, which for anyone who knows Michael will understand this isn’t how he works.

Frustration on his part was completely lifted when after a chance telephone call with Christchurch local Mark Clemence he knew immediately that he had found the calibre of person he was looking for to move this and many other projects forward.

Mark had been working in the automotive industry from leaving school and has 24 years of auto electrical background under his belt with an exemplary and impressive record in that field achieving the highest marks in New Zealand in this career path along with vast areas of knowledge which he has pursued on software development, CNC engineering; while hobby building a jet engine of his own design. He has now formally joined the team in Christchurch to head up the continued development of the prototype to the working stage which will then enable the building of the gearbox for the unique four-wheel drive system which will then be available to be fitted to Swift motorhomes purchased through Iconic Motorhomes.

The Iconic Christchurch workshop continues to grow in size, and everything will be made on site down to a foundry producing gearbox casings. Michael has a background in innovation, in the UK he worked alongside Trent University on projects which he was able to take through to production level in the past, and was granted funding and grants after winning an Innovator of the Year award.

Now he is satisfied that this 4WD project is moving forward appropriately and he can see that it will be coming to fruition soon.

Iconic intends to have open days to showcase the development as it progresses which includes the 3D workshop, production of electronic boards, gearboxes and a working foundry.

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