Motorhomes overtaking baches as the Kiwi holiday dream

By: THL Group

An independent survey of more than 6,000 New Zealanders shows that increasing numbers of Kiwis prefer the campervan/motorhome dream above the bach/holiday home pursuit.

Motorhomes overtaking baches as the Kiwi holiday dream
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The survey, conducted by the RV Super Centre, showed that for people aged 45 and over, owning a motorhome was the preferred option above a nice car, a boat or a bach – with 54% of respondents wanting a campervan or motorhome above these other options.

A fifth of these respondents who expressed a preference to own a motorhome aged 45+ credited the ability to travel and sightsee whenever they wanted to, as the biggest motivator to purchase.

The number one holiday destination choice was the Bay of Islands, closely followed by Queenstown. When asked what type of holiday they prefer, the survey revealed that Kiwi women would choose a beach holiday (57%), while Kiwi men would choose a tramping holiday (55%).

Unsurprisingly, the under 25s preferred adventure holidays, with the 25-44 year-olds opting for a camping holiday. A whopping 80% of people aged between 45-65 would choose a campervan or motorhome holiday above any other type of holiday.

"Over the summer holidays, many Kiwis dream of owning a slice of the paradise they’re visiting," says the RV Super Centre’s Grant Brady. "But the increasing costs and commitment of the holiday home dream are putting people off with more Kiwis now turning towards a campervan or motorhome option."

"The early baby boomers are certainly taking to the motorhome dream like no other generation," he added. "With families often spread all over the country and less room for extended family to stay, the motorhome provides a flexible, homely and affordable option for these travellers."

Regionally, Aucklanders are the most likely to own a campervan or motorhome, followed by the Bay of Plenty and Canterbury regions. Of those who didn’t own one, a third of Aucklanders surveyed said they would like to own one.

And it’s not gender-biased, both Kiwi men and women share the dream to own a motorhome or campervan with men (47%) and women (53%) with those in the main cities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch being the keenest on ownership.

Respondents listed a motorhome/campervan as being the best way to see the country as the most appealing thing about owning one, closely followed by the freedom of being able to travel and sightsee whenever they wanted. Women noted the reduced costs of travel as their primary reason for owning a motorhome (57%).

Where would the average Kiwi like to take their motorhome on a road trip? Wellingtonians would choose Auckland (57%), Aucklanders would visit Hawkes Bay (followed by Southland), and Bay of Plenty respondents want to visit Canterbury on their road trip. Cantabrians would like to visit Nelson and Marlborough, while the most popular destination for the Waikato is Dunedin or Southland.

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