Phoenix Multiplus

By: Bill Savidan

Smart charger plus capacity inverter in one

Phoenix Multiplus
Phoenix Multiplus

I first experienced the Phoenix Multiplus when reviewing the Sunliner Sunrise (Issue #45, June 2008). It intrigued me with both its simplicity and its complexity – let me explain.

Large motorhomes today have more 230v equipment aboard than in the past. As well as a smartcharger, many have a large capacity inverter fitted to power these appliances. A 20-amp plus smart charger and 1000w plus capacity inverter is not uncommon – two separate units and two lots of wiring.

Using less space and wiring a Phoenix Multiplus will do both these jobs and others, and do them more intelligently. Consider this: it can provide uninterrupted AC (230v) power. Switching between the inverter and an outside AC source automatically and quickly (within 20 milliseconds), it leaves computors and other connected equipment unaffected. All power points can provide 230v at all times. Should the 230v load exceed power available from the outside 230v source (usually limited to 16-amps), it will augment the AC power supply through the inverter. The four-stage smart charger provides an additional level of protection by monitoring both temperature and voltage.

Multiplus can be programmed to auto-start a generator when house batteries require charging and many other tasks too numerous to mention here. Used with the Phoenix Multi Controller. the Multiplus is surprisingly user friendly.
The Phoenix Multiplus 700w pure sine wave, 35-amp smartcharger, model C12/800/35, retails for $1975.5 inc GST. The C12/1200/50 which rates at 1000w/50-amps retails for $2600 inc GST. The Multi Control retails for $300 inc GST. To locate your nearest dealer, call Alphatron.

For more information call the NZ agents Alphatron, 09 4145520 and speak to Jeroen or Arie. Mention ‘Gearing Up’.

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