How To Subscribe

A step-by-step guide to subscribing or renewing a subscription to Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations (MCD) magazine online.

If you would prefer to talk to the MCD team, please don’t hesitate to call us about your subscription on 0800 115 530 or email us at


Step 1:

Visit our online shop by clicking ‘Subscribe’ on our website or click here and we’ll take you there directly.

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Step 2:

Choose your subscription length.

If you have a promo code, click the blue 'apply promo code' link on the top right

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Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 5.55.14 PM.png

Step 3:

Fill out your address details. Fields marked with a red asterisk are compulsory.

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Step 4:

Fill out your credit/debit card details.

If your card billing address and shipping address are the same, keep the box ticked.

If your billing and shipping addresses are different, untick the box and add your billing details below.

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Step 5:

Check the summary and make you're happy with your subscription length.

Tick the 'I'm not a robot' box.

Press the 'Place Your Order' button.

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Step 6:

Your order has been confirmed!

If it hasn't been confirmed, please go back and check your address and credit card details.

You can also call us about your subscription on 0800 115 530 or email us at