Hello Fresh couple night at home

Have a romantic dinner date while on the road


When you’re touring around either of our wonderful islands, eating in can be more economical than entertaining. While you can have some of the best views in the world, the meal can come a distant second.

HelloFresh can liven up your dinner with some sumptuous meal kits. Simple recipes, ingredients in exact quantities so there’s no mess and no food waste. You can have a romantic date night with the food to match. Let Hello Fresh prep for you, so you can cook for your sweetheart.

How to set up your date night

Date night in your mobile home needs to be an event. The whole idea of taking your mobile home around the Fjords of the South Island is an event, we know, and so dinner can often be whatever is easier to cook.

Making the effort can be the perfect end to a perfect day. Cooking a wholesome meal with a little flair can certainly win you some brownie points. So cook up a storm in your little kitchen.

Set the mood- have candles on the table and the lights down low. Break out the wine glasses, perhaps some flowers? Crack open a bottle of wine. Set the tunes and get stuck into your Hello Fresh meal kit. Cooking a meal for your loved one is more fun than you’d think. All the portions are laid out for you, the perfect amount.

Going out for dinner can be fun, but cooking the meal yourself lets you take the whole food journey. Mastering the art of cooking at home, you create the destination, you create the atmosphere.

At-home date night meals can keep things fresh and spicy.

Grilled vegetable and ricotta stack recipe

Hello Fresh Indian Roasted Cauliflower

What’s on the menu?

You have the perfect location, the perfect dinner date, so what’s going on the menu? HelloFresh pride themselves on their menu selections, with fresh produce and tasty ideas. It can be challenging to find something new from someone you trust. We’ve all tried websites that give us recipe ideas that aren’t quite right.

Why choose HelloFresh?

HelloFresh come highly recommended by customers all over New Zealand. Check out some of these recipes, including the Indian Coconut Lentil & Roast Cauliflower Bowl!

Another great thing about ordering through HelloFresh, because you get to prep and make the meals, you begin to learn cooking techniques. You learn what taste combinations work, what healthy cooking can be. Memorise some recipes and you can shop for yourself and impress everyone with your cooking skills.

The 3-steps of HelloFresh

  • Step 1: Choose a meal plan which fits your lifestyle. How many people will you be cooking for? How many recipes do you want per week? Choose from meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, calorie-smart of hearty family meals. Fill out the delivery details, make the payment and your order is done.

  • Step 2: Enjoy the experience of creating the feast yourself. Eating out is fine when you want a break from all of the cooking and cleaning. But too much eating out means you miss the connection of feeding loved ones.

  • Step 3: Enjoy the night with your special partner. Mix the tunes with the meal, the conversation with the courses. Have fun cooking and chatting and enjoying the best company.

Lamb meatballs with cucumber raita

Hello Fresh 3 steps

Saving time and money on date night? Yes please.

When you’re journeying around our great islands you might not get the time to stop and do a big shop. You might not have the space either. So you can save time by ordering your HelloFresh before you go and have it with you on the road.

And you can save money too! We have a special offer for you. Shop for your date night with HelloFresh and get $90 off.

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