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By: Lisa Jansen

NZMCD writer Lisa Jansen gives us some advice on the RV online community and how it can benefit our travelling

NZMCD writer Lisa Jansen enjoys connecting with other travellers via various Facebook groups

One of the great things about RVing in New Zealand is the community that comes with it. Everywhere I go, I meet lovely, stimulating and supportive people - and that applies to the online world as much as the real world. I’ve long been a member of many motorhome-, caravan- and camping-related groups on Facebook, and I’m continually amazed by how much value i get from them.

From answers to questions about locations, technology, different brands of mobile homes, the inspiration for new places to visit, moral support at challenging times, and connections to like-minded people, these groups offer it all and much more. And there are many from which to choose. In fact, I had no idea just how many RV-related groups there were until I started researching this story.

For everyone

Motorhome Friends New Zealand: With more than 14,000 members, this is one of the largest New Zealand-based motorhoming Facebook groups of which I know. It’s an awesome community of fellow motorhomers and caravanners exchanging idea, tips and support.  

Caravans, Motorhomes and Camping New Zealand: A smaller group but full of just-as-friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and inspiring people. Two other, smaller general groups are Motorhome and Camping Travels New Zealand and RV Happy Travellers NZ. 

For travellers with kids

Motorhoming/Caravanning/Camping with Kids NZ: This is for you if you’re travelling with children and looking for kid-friendly places to visit, ideas for activities or just support and advice.

For solo travellers

Being a solo traveller can get lonely, so it’s great to know there are a couple of groups where you can connect with others who are also on the road on their own. Female Travel Buddies NZ is a group of more than 400 women travelling around New Zealand on their own.

I think there is more than one woman out there who overcame her fears regarding cruising solo thanks to this group. It’s just so supportive and encouraging. Solo Kiwi Travellers: This group is for all travellers, not just RVers, so there are a lot of fascinating discussions happening on a wide range of travel-related topics. 

For freedom campers

Whether you want to find or share new freedom-camping spots or engage in discussions on the topic, there are Facebook groups for that.

  • Freedom Camping New Zealand
  • Freedom Camping NZ
  • Self Contained Freedom Camping in NZ

For NZMCA members

NZMCA Wings Members-Only Group If you are an NZMCA member and have any questions related to the association or want to connect with other members, this group is the one you should join. With almost 10,000 members, you’re sure to get some answers to your questions and maybe make some new friends.

For buyers and sellers

If you’re looking to buy or sell a motorhome, caravan, bus or anything related to it, there are several groups to consider.

  • NZ Caravan and Motorhome Buy/Sell/Trade
  • Caravans for Sale NZ
  • Caravans, Motorhomes & RVs for Sale or Rent, NZ
  • Caravans and Trailers for Sale NZ
  • Caravan & Camping Buy Sell Trade NZ
  • Buses, Caravans, Camping Buy, Sell, Swap, NZ

For people with shared interests

There is a long list of groups focusing on specific RV-related activities or those that aim to connect owners of certain brands of mobile homes. 

  • For the creative types: Motorhomers

Get Creative 

  • For cyclists: Motorhomers Go Cycling NZ
  • For teardrop camper enthusiasts: New Zealand Teardrop Camper Trailers
  • For those looking for safety in numbers when parking up for the night: Movan Buddies NZ
  • For the full-timers: Living On The Road in NZ
  • For pet owners: Motorhoming With Pets in NZ 
  • For freewheeler owners: Freewheelers
  • For the funny ones: Motorhome Fun and Banter New Zealand
  • For golfers: Motorhome/Caravan Golfers NZ
  • For Jayco owners: Jayco Club Members
  • For those with small vans and caravans: NZ Small Van and Caravan Supporters
  • For those building their own campers: Self Build Campers New Zealand
  • For Mitsubishi L300 owners: Mitsubishi L300 Campervan Owners
  • For VW California owners/enthusiasts: VW California NZ
  • For the under-50s: Young RVing Kiwis

As you can see, no matter what your RV interests, chances are, there is a Facebook group for it. While it’s exciting to have such a large and active online community, joining too many of these groups can quickly become overwhelming, and you end up not engaging with anyone. Pick a few that spike your interest and start there. 


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