MCD Pets May: Biscuit

Meet Bicuit! He's only 15 months old but already knows everything about camper vanning

You may recognise Biscuit from last month’s cover, with owners Megan and Jemoal. At only 15 months Biscuit, or Bicky, is as delicious as his name!


"He is very affectionate and so on our journeys it’s not unusual for him to curl up around our necks like a scarf," says Megan."

He loves to protect his surroundings and the caravan is no different, but the actual truth is most strangers are licked and welcomed.

Biscuit loves other pooches so is forever on the lookout for other friends on our travels, no matter how big or small they are. We highly recommend a Biscuit on your journeys, it will make your trip that little bit sweeter!"

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