Short course: Your guide to life on the road

If you are contemplating an RV lifestyle, this short course provides a comprehensive guide to the pitfalls and pleasures of being on the road.

It covers New Zealand camping and freedom camping options and rules, how to choose an RV that suits you, and the do's and don'ts of motorhoming. It also introduces up-to-date technology and aspects of the operations of batteries, wastewater, solar panels, TV and communications, heating and gas.

For those who do not have sufficient knowledge, the dream of heading away in a motorhome or caravan can become a nightmare. Jill Malcolm and Bill Savidan have been RVing for 20 years and have learnt a few things along the way.


About the presenters

Jill is the former editor and a present columnist for Motorhomes, Caravans and Destinations magazine. Bill is an RV reviewer and technical writer for the same magazine. The couple co-authored the book, The Great Kiwi Motorhome Guide. Jill is also the author of the awardwinning book, At Home on the Road.

Course outline

Morning session (Jill)

  • The experience of being on the road in an RV
  • How to choose a motorhome that suits you
  • Camping options and obligations in NZ
  • Motorhome friendly towns and what they mean
  • The various clubs, rallies, safaris and tours
  • Overseas motorhome swaps, making money out of your motorhome

Afternoon session (Bill)

  • Equipment, rules, regulations and usage of solar panels, heaters, waste water. toilet cassettes, gas, TV
  • Certifications requirements and other regulations

Booking information

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