MCD Pets August: Nicky’s tribe, Jed & Bear

NZMCD takes a look at a couple of the furry friends of our readers, staff, and advertisers

Being able to holiday with your pets is one of the great things about travelling by an RV. Here’s a look at a couple of the furry friends of our readers, staff, and advertisers.

NZMCD reader Nicky Kewish


When the 2017 Edgecumbe floods hit, Nicky Kewish’s life—and that of her pets—changed dramatically. She sadly lost three of her fur babies as well as her home. Two years on, Nicky—along with her six cats and 11-year-old dog, Hawke—is rebuilding her life and loving life on the road with her pets.

After living in a five-metre van for more than a year, she has just upgraded to one of Coastal Motorhome’s second-hand motorhomes. "Coastal have been fantastic," she says. "Anything I asked, they tried to do, including putting cat flaps in weird places and making safe places for the cats to hide.

Their motorhomes even have an outside shower with hot and cold water, which is great for washing the dog!"

Nicky’s travel tip: I’ve put in a solar fan in the roof, which removes a lot of heat in summer or if I can’t open windows in winter.

NZMCD contributor Nina Mercer


We’ve had dogs longer than we have had kids, and our current pets are Jed—a miniature schnauzer, and Bear—a young Labrador. The dogs are included in as many family adventures as possible. They add to the enjoyment (and motivation) for the children and it’s wonderful to see how much the dogs love being out there with us.

Nina’s travel tip: A large foldable cage is invaluable for us. We can keep them close and comfortable but fully contained when they need to be.

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