NZMCD Pets August: Jazz & Molly

NZMCD takes a look at a couple of the furry friends of our readers, staff, and advertisers

Being able to holiday with your pets is one of the great things about travelling by an RV. Here’s a look at a couple of the furry friends of our readers, staff, and advertisers.

Toni Farrell, Coastal Motorhomes


If you’ve ever called into Coastal Motorhomes in Whakatane, you’ve no doubt met Jazz. Toni, one of Coastal Motorhome’s co-owners got Jazz from the SPCA after her two older cats died at the age of 19.

"I took their leftover food to the SPCA and ended coming home with Jazz! I think she is about 10 years old. She sleeps in the ‘post in tray’ on the bench, plus, loves getting up on my desk and trying to sneak onto my knee when it’s cold. She will also sit on my desk to remind me that its dinner time—she definitely loves her food."

NZMCD readers, Graeme and Lorraine Fairless


Molly, an 11-year-old miniature fox terrier, has been travelling with Graeme and Lorraine Fairless since 2011.

She’s good friends with Timo, their 18-month-old chocolate Burmese. They amuse each other with play fighting but most of the time, they’re happy sleeping if Graeme and Lorraine aren’t around.

"We mainly travel to freedom camping areas by the sea, but we also visit campgrounds in the winter for more comfort, and pets are very welcome in these quieter months. This month we purchased our second Kea motorhome (after seven years with our trusty Kea Endeavour)," Graeme says.

Graeme and Lorraine’s travel tip: Travelling with pets can be restricting but if you take their own comfy beds, the motorhome soon becomes their security haven.

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