MCD Pets August: Minnie, Louie & Crystal

NZMCD takes a look at a couple of the furry friends of our readers, staff, and advertisers

Being able to holiday with your pets is one of the great things about travelling by an RV. Here’s a look at a couple of the furry friends of our readers, staff, and advertisers.

MCD contributors Jackie Norman and Gareth Scurr


Travelling with a dog was one of Jackie and Gareth’s biggest concerns when setting out to live permanently on the road, particularly one who is old and overweight with health issues. But two years down the track, Minnie is healthy and happy and is completely accustomed to life on the move. "We compare travelling with Minnie to travelling with a toddler," Jackie says.

"She likes routine and she likes things her way. She also snores like you wouldn’t believe and sleeping arrangements are cosy to say the least! But every day is hilarious with her around. We are so proud of her and how she’s adapted. She really makes our life on the road complete."

Jackie’s travel tip: Our mantra with Minnie is if we come up against something we can’t do with her, we find something that we can. This has often led to us finding some real gems we would have otherwise not visited.

MCD readers, Viv and Peter Robertson


Viv and Peter Robertson love travelling in their new TrailLite motorhome—and so do their two Japanese Spitz dogs Crystal and Louie. "The Japanese Spitz is great for motorhomers," Viv says. "They’re a small to medium breed with a coat that self-cleans." Although as Peter points out, a second rug on top of the first helps keep the motorhome in perfect condition. Viv says that it’s so rewarding to be able to travel with their dogs. "It does restrict us a little on where we can travel, but we wouldn’t swap it for all the tea in China!"

Viv and Peter’s travel tip: Be sure to always carry plenty of doggy-doo bags to clean up as you go!

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