Tips for cooking in a campervan

By: Jackie Norman

MCD travel writer shares her top tips on cooking delicious and healthy food in a campervan

Campervan -recipes

Cook outdoors when you can

There's no better way to start the day than eating breakfast in the sunshine. We eat outside as much as possible when the weather allows. Not only does this give us an important dose of vitamin D but it's also much easier to clean up afterwards. We have a perfectly good sink in the van but prefer to do our dishes outside and then let them dry in the fresh air and sunshine.

Waste not, want not

Being just the two of us, we’re used to often having enough leftovers to make another meal. However, we’ve learned the hard way not to cook too much at a time, as we then have the problem of having no room in our tiny fridge. Much as we would like to be able to, cooking in bulk just doesn't work on the road for most people.

Give it a 'grow' if you are parked up

If you're going to be stationary for some time, it's well worth growing at least some of your own food, even if it's just a couple of pots of herbs and vegies. It saves money and there's nothing more rewarding than picking and eating your own free food. You’d be amazed at some of the edible delights people manage to grow on board.

It's always cheaper to eat at home

Much as it is nice not to have to cook, most of the time we find our own home cooking is better, not to mention a lot cheaper than eating out. Sometimes cooking is the last thing you feel like doing after a long day driving or sight-seeing, but we prefer to throw something quick together ourselves and save our money for adventuring, rather than pay through the nose for something that is usually mediocre.

The recipe e-book

To give you an idea of the healthy, balanced, and varied food we eat, we have put together a 79-page recipe e-book featuring our favourite recipes so far. It's absolutely free and we are very proud of our recipes. It goes to show how well it is possible to eat on the road, regardless of vehicle size and facilities. Download the campervan recipe e-book.

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