Business profile: RSE

By: Claire Smith, Photography by: Claire Smith

With the new year underway, the team at RSE are gearing up for a full-on 2018

RSE (Rear Seat Entertainment) continues to go from strength to strength with the addition of new staff, new products and a strong focus on remaining sustainable, relevant and future-focused.


The drive to remain at the cutting edge is not new for the team at RSE. Always looking for new ideas, better ways of doing things, and the ability to provide the very best service for the industry, owners Daryl and Sue Muir have had their fingers firmly on the pulse of the rapidly evolving motorhome industry for over 13 years.

In 2015 the business expanded its workshop – providing over three times more space for servicing – and opened RSE Storage, a 10,000 square foot facility for undercover RV storage, with additional outdoor storage for up to 20 RVs.


With an ever-increasing range of motorhome-friendly products, RSE has also recently expanded its showroom, including a customer waiting lounge (with TV of course!). And coming soon to the showroom is a new Australian range of RV electronic accessories that is set to be very popular here in New Zealand.

T Series RV television

November 2017 saw RSE break new ground with the introduction of a world-first – the new T Series RV television. This twin-tuner model allows viewers to watch one channel and record another, or record two channels simultaneously.

The new T Series saves the cost of purchasing a separate CAM or decoder to watch pay-to-view television by providing a one-size-fits-all solution. And with 8GB of storage capacity for each tuner, there’s also no need to use USBs for recording. Built-in speakers provide excellent sound quality, with wireless audio technology making it possible for one person to listen to the TV via Bluetooth headphones with their own volume control, while the other can listen via the FM stereo transmission, also controlling their own volume.

New staff


With a booming 2018 on the cards for the industry, RSE has recently employed two extra staff. "We’re very pleased to have a fulltime electronics technician joining our expanding team in the New Year," says Daryl. The new technician, who hails from Holland, has an impressive resume of experience with strong European brands. "Having a fulltime electronics technician gives us that much-needed boost to our capacity to service and repair a broad range of electronic motorhome equipment, now and into the future."

Additionally, RSE also has a new warehouse manager joining the team in the New Year. The addition of extra staff means the RSE team is able to carry out more of their research and development in-house; a cost-saving that will allow the business to continue to expand its product lines and improve existing technology. One such example is a new dual camera which includes a built-in heater to help prevent condensation and moisture build-up. Daryl explains the camera – which will be available very soon – includes a patented mould and frame which can’t be duplicated by others.

Future plans


Further exciting products soon to hit the shelves include a compact and sleek icemaker which creates solid cubes of ice in just 10-15 minutes, and an innovative range of ‘slide-out’ TV bracket hardware, allowing TVs to be cleverly tucked away within a furnishing cavity.

RSE is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of the German-designed and manufactured Haaft products (including SamY, SamYSolar+, Oyster and SAT-DOM 50NZ) as well as the Southern Cross 45.

The business currently has a new satellite dish on the drawing board which has been especially developed for New Zealand and Australia. An engineer from the manufacturing company recently spent time with the team at RSE to ensure he had an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements within New Zealand. The new automatic satellite will be available in 2018 and will have some innovative new features.


With the holiday season in full swing, Daryl and Sue are looking forward to a short break before getting stuck back into business and preparing for the 2018 Covi show in March. Keep an eye out for RSE’s stand which will be bigger than ever, and include an ‘innovation zone’ where all of these products (plus a few more that are currently still under wraps) will be on display.

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