Advertising feature: Kiwi Autohomes partner with Auckland Coach

The partnership between Kiwi Autohomes and Auckland Coach and Motorhomes has been a positive move, allowing more growth for both companies

Family-owned and operated New Zealand business Kiwi Autohomes has recently partnered with Auckland Coach and Motorhomes, and as general manager Keran Miller explains, it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done.

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Established almost 20 years ago in 1998, Kiwi Autohomes prides itself on providing personal, professional, and friendly service. "All of our motorhomes are made right here in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. We’re extremely proud of the quality and workmanship we deliver," Keran says.

"Our partnership with Chris Cunard from ACM has been a very positive move. As a craftsman and a perfectionist, Chris and his team, which has now grown from four staff to 15, bring a high standard of technical and innovative insight to the business that is allowing us to grow at a comfortable pace, without compromising on quality and value." Chris, who is a boat builder by trade, realised several years ago that many of his boat-building
skills could be easily translated into the motorhome industry.

He quickly became a highly valued retrofitter and repairer before teaming up with Kiwi Autohomes in 2015. The partnership means that Chris’ Platinum range of motorhomes is now exclusively available through Kiwi Autohomes. 

As with Kiwi’s Sapphire range, these hand-built, bespoke motorhomes can be tailored to suit the individual needs of each customer. From the size of the bathroom to the layout of sleeping and seating, the options are endless.

But what is always consistent is the seamless quality, which always results in a ‘wow’ factor that you might expect from a European import at a considerably higher price point.

Looking for extra income?

Kiwi Autohomes is offering a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to not only own their own motorhome but to also to have it earn a passive income.

The team at Kiwi Autohomes can build you a two- or four-berth unit at their competitive rates, and, during the times you don’t use your motorhome— when it might otherwise be taking up room in the driveway—they can rent it out on your behalf.

"We provide a comprehensive own and rent contract as well as a fully comprehensive insurance policy," Keran says. "And at all times, you will remain as the owner of the vehicle and will be able to use it as needed by simply blocking out the dates you wish to use it.

"We have far more renters looking for motorhomes than we have motorhomes available. For motorhome owners, that’s a very good situation because it means their motorhomes are always in hot demand, and that can translate to a steady extra income."

For more information, contact Keran on 0800 288 646.

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