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Watch one channel while recording another one with RSE's new T Series RV televisions

RV entertainment specialist, Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE), is breaking new ground in the industry with another world first.

Pay-to-view CAMs and USBs are now a thing of the past, thanks to RSE’s new T Series RV televisions.

The latest model, with its twin tuner, lets you watch one channel and record another, or record two channels simultaneously, allowing you to make the most of that gorgeous sunset or take your time on your evening walk without worrying about missing your favourite shows.


Rather than inserting a USB stick for recording, the televisions have a built-in storage capacity of 8GB for each tuner, enough storage to record and playback your favourite programmes.

RSE has also made the pay-to-view CAM (card reader) a thing of the past. Instead, all you need to do is simply slide your card (both current cards) into the TV itself; a one-size-fits-all solution. This saves the cost of purchasing a separate CAM or decoder to watch pay-to-view television. The built-in speakers provide excellent sound quality. Alternatively, you can use the FM transmission function to wirelessly send the audio to the motorhome/caravan radio and listen to the TV via the stereo speakers, with the TV remote controlling the volume.


And for couples where one person has a hearing impairment, wireless audio technology makes it possible for one person to listen to the TV via Bluetooth headphones with their own volume control, while the other can listen via the FM stereo transmission, also controlling their own volume. As a further option, you can wirelessly connect to an RSE Bluetooth sound bar for high-quality sound within the confines of your motorhome.

All of these features have resulted in a market-leading quality product, which is well received by the RV industry.

For more information, visit the RSE website.

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