Business profile: Mighway

Having recently launched in California, Mighway is helping create global connections between travellers and motorhome owners

Since launching just 18 months ago, Mighway has paid out more than a million dollars to motorhome owners around New Zealand.

Diamond -lake -camper

The ‘Airbnb’ of motorhomes now has more than 550 private vehicles listed for rent, allowing Kiwi motorhome and caravan owners to enjoy a slice of the booming tourism market.

Mighway connects motorhome and campervan owners with locals and tourists who want to explore the country.

They provide a safe, easy, and flexible means of earning an extra income at times when your vehicle would otherwise be sitting unused.

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Mighway was launched by Tourism Holdings Ltd (THL)—New Zealand’s premier tourism company and the largest provider of holiday vehicles for rent and sale in the country.

This partnership benefits motorhome owners listed with Mighway by providing them with THL’s overflow of renters, those looking for short-term rentals, or those in regions or parts of New Zealand where THL vehicles aren’t available.

Extra income

Julie -Mc Kechnie

One of the biggest benefits to Mighway’s motorhome owners is the ability to add to their income, which can also help offset the costs of purchasing or upgrading their motorhome.

Auckland couple Grant and Julie McKechnie, who have a six-berth Kea Endeavour, say they often can’t keep up with demand.

"We earned around $9000—after fees—in the first three months with Mighway," Grant says. "The extra income has been very welcome and has offset most of the costs of owning
a motorhome including things like registration and insurance."


Mt -Taranaki

By listing with Mighway, motorhome owners are able to rent their vehicle out as and when it suits them. Owners have complete control over reservations and can choose to accept or decline any booking.

And by simply blocking out dates on their online calendar, owners have total control over dates they want to use their vehicles themselves.

Choose your level of service

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Owners also have the choice of two service options—Mighway Local or Mighway Managed—depending on how involved they’d like to be with the rental process.

Mighway Local provides all the tools owners need to hire out their motorhome, while the Mighway team take care of all payments, insurance, and customer service.

This option also provides owners with driver vetting, customer support, tools and templates to help create a great listing, and RV rewards and discounts.

For owners who prefer to hand the whole process over, Mighway Managed still provides all the benefits of Mighway Local but with the added benefit of managing all customer interactions, cleaning, and basic service checks. 

This option also includes professional photography and marketing copy to help create a powerful listing. Mighway Managed also sorts pricing on the owner’s behalf to maximise returns.

Moana and Jeremy Bywater chose Mighway’s Local service plan after purchasing their family campervan.

"Being a part of Mighway is fun and easy," Moana says. "The support from the Mighway team has been incredible along the way, and we’re really excited for the journey ahead."

Screen checks for confidence

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Mighway screen and check the identity of all potential guests, providing owners with that extra level of confidence.

As a member of the Junction group—a collaborative group of businesses within the RV industry—Mighway also has a strong partnership with Camper Care Insurance, who provide motorhome owners with the peace of mind of a comprehensive insurance policy that takes the worry out of the renting process for both owners and renters.

Boosting domestic tourism

Ben Lomond

Mighway’s head of brand and marketing, Jason Nockels, says he is proud of the fact that Mighway is helping fill a need within the New Zealand tourism market.

"I love the fact that more New Zealanders are now exploring more of their own backyard," he says. "Mighway offers travellers that extra level of flexibility and affordability that allows them to tailor their holiday to suit."

Traveller connection

Lake -wanaka

Mighway encourages a connection and story sharing between travellers. Many owners welcome the opportunity at handover time to share their tips for travelling around New Zealand, from suggesting where to get the best fish ’n chips to where to find the best beaches or parks.

Some owners enjoy offering their guests little extras such as homemade baking to enjoy on their trip or a list of ‘hidden gems’ that travellers may like to visit.

A growing business

With more owners listing with Mighway each day, the company has grown exponentially since launching.

"We are currently New Zealand’s largest and fastest-growing peer-to-peer motorhome rental service," Jason says.

"We’re very proud and excited to have paid out more than $1 million to motorhome owners over the past 18 months. But more than that, it’s a win-win for everyone involved—the owners who are boosting their income, the guests who are enjoying fantastic holidays, and the motorhome industry that is continuing to thrive in New Zealand."

This year, Mighway launched operations in California, offering tourists and RV owners in the region the same excellent benefits as here in New Zealand.

"Like New Zealand, California is an incredible holiday destination for motorhomers," Jason says.

"We already have more than 330 motorhome owners listed who are sharing their beautiful region and all it has to offer with visitors from all over the world."

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