Hauraki Village designed for RV owners

parked beside The RV parked conveniently beside the residential home parked beside
hauraki village Housing made perfect for RVs hauraki village
housing perfect for motorhomes Hauraki village housing perfect for motorhomes

Hauraki Village offers a new lifestyle concept for motorhomers and caravanners with specially designed RV parking including a power supply and immediate access into each house

While most other lifestyle villages may be open to RVs, the vehicles are usually locked up in a separate area. In contrast, each Hauraki Village house has a specifically prepared RV parking area with power supply and immediate access to each house. The result is a village where it is quite evident that the homeowners are people with active lifestyles. Many cycle on the Hauraki Trail, which starts right at the Village.

The quality of the houses built is impressive, with a spacious design that offers a lot of storage.

To date, 14 houses have been sold or are under offer. There are six more to sell and possibly a further six depending on land availability.

Interested buyers have the option of two or three bedrooms with one or two bathrooms and a single or double garage. There are duplex and standalone options but not many of either are left.

Most importantly, each owner owns their land and house on a freehold unit title basis. They have assets that should continue growing in value.

There are no ‘licences to occupy‘. The body corporate costs have been kept to a minimum with just an RV wash/dump area and barbeque area being the common property.

Talking about the reason behind choosing Paeroa for this concept, the developer, who caravans with his wife, said that the location suits RV owners.

It’s close to the Coromandel and central North Island and is about equidistant from Auckland, Hamilton, and Tauranga. This triangle is where most of New Zealand’s future population growth is expected to be centred.

Paeroa is a delightful and friendly town with all services most RV owners want. There is already a significant RV service structure in Paeroa and it has a large Motorhome Association facility.

It is surprising that more villages do not follow the Hauraki Village concept but, as the developer points out, the location and land cost are difficult to match.

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