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Photography by: Michal Krakowiak/Photolibrary/Getty images

Owners of Dynamo Electric Bikes Limited talk about e-bikes in New Zealand

Owners Robert and Helen Leinwand of Dynamo Electric Bikes Limited run a fully equipped workshop from their home based in Dairy Flat. It all started when Rob visited the Canton Trading Fair in Guangzhou, China where he was impressed with the electric bikes.

E-bikes -Dynamo

"We knew very little about these wonderful machines and it was a steep learning curve for us," Rob says.

"After much research and lots of communication with different manufacturers, we eventually settled on the e-bikes we presently sell."

Under the registered name of Dynamo Electric Bikes Limited, Rob and Helen purchase e-bikes directly from the manufacturer and specify exactly what their customers would like in an e-bike, such as the nice wide Velo seat, the comfortable hand grips, and swept back handlebars for an upright riding position.

Customer specifications are a priority for them.

After their first visit to the Covi show, they realised there was a need for a slightly smaller bike, as some of their customers found the 26-inch frame a little too large. And so they began supplying a 24-inch frame with a lower seat height, which has proven to be popular among their customers.

Being an electronic engineer, Rob has extensive knowledge and understands e-bikes and the way they work.

Proud owners of e-bikes themselves, both Rob and Helen aim to provide "good quality at a fair price".

For more information, call Rob or Helen on 021 201 5797.

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