Business profile: Euro RV Ltd

By: Claire Smith

Business profile: Euro RV Ltd Rainer and Edith Zeltwanger Business profile: Euro RV Ltd
Business profile: Euro RV Ltd Eura Mobil Profila Business profile: Euro RV Ltd
Business profile: Euro RV Ltd Eura Mobil Profila Business profile: Euro RV Ltd
Business profile: Euro RV Ltd Allegra 475 Business profile: Euro RV Ltd
Business profile: Euro RV Ltd Allegra 390 Business profile: Euro RV Ltd
Business profile: Euro RV Ltd Allegra 475 Business profile: Euro RV Ltd
Business profile: Euro RV Ltd Eura Mobil Profila Business profile: Euro RV Ltd
Business profile: Euro RV Ltd Allegra 390 Business profile: Euro RV Ltd

Family-owned business Euro RV Ltd combines great value, quality motorhomes and caravans with personal service.

When Rainer and Edith Zeltwanger moved to New Zealand more than 20 years ago, it was top of their list to see as much of the country as possible. The couple have always loved camping and the great outdoors and have travelled extensively throughout Europe.

"When our kids were little we bought ourselves a caravan and went all over Northland, down to the South Island and had lots of weekends away," says Rainer. "We absolutely loved it, and still do! We just love the freedom it offers."

Their love of travelling and camping soon sparked a business idea, explains Rainer. "We both loved travelling by caravan, so we decided to see what was involved in setting ourselves up in business importing and selling them."

Edith and Rainer got to work researching the industry, and during a family trip to France, had the chance to meet with the manager of Caravelair. "We had a look around the factory and liked what we saw," says Rainer.

"Soon after, in 2006 we joined forces with a friend of ours and imported our first lot of caravans which sold very quickly." Six years later in 2012, Rainer and Edith began importing motorhomes. "At the time we didn’t really know what people wanted, so in the early days we were just bringing in very basic models."

Today the couple run their successful business, Euro RV Ltd, from their 10-acre property in Massey, Auckland. "Running the business from home has big advantages, both for us and our clients," says Rainer. "We’re able to keep overhead costs down which means we can pass on the cost savings to our clients. And because we’re a small business, we can offer a more personal service and get to know our clients, and their needs, better."

Euro RV Ltd is now an agent for Caravelair caravans, a well-known French caravan builder and German-made Eura Mobil motorhomes. Both are high-quality brands known for their durability, longevity and comfort. "Because they’re built with fibreglass rather than aluminium wall panels, they can stand up to wear and tear a lot better, and it’s much easier to repair any damage if required," says Rainer.

One of the big features on offer with Euro’s stock is the addition of gas hot water. "We told our suppliers that New Zealand campers like to go freedom camping, so they need gas hot water," explains Rainer. "Our suppliers listened and provided it which is great. In Europe, freedom camping is not allowed so we have to communicate the needs of New Zealand users and ensure those needs are being met," he says.

"The gas bottles last a really long time, especially when you’re using them in combination with electricity. It means travellers can camp completely independently or combine freedom camping with campground stays," says Rainer.

One of the features Rainer will be pushing for with future models is a fully splash-proof bathroom. "All the caravans have bathrooms, but some are quite compact and only have a shower curtain, so the water still splashes a bit," he says. "So this year we’ll be talking to suppliers about redesigning a few things. It’s not such a big deal in Europe where people really only camp in campgrounds. But here, it’s something people really want."

Each of Euro’s caravans and motorhomes also feature a solar panel to keep the battery charged at all times allowing campers to go off grid. And with LED lighting throughout, it takes very little power to keep the lights going.

With spring just a few months away, Edith and Rainer are eagerly awaiting the delivery of seven new motorhomes which are due to arrive in time for the Camper Care show at Mystery Creek in September, as well as another four caravans, due in the next couple of months.

The future is looking busier than ever for the couple, who are looking for partners in the South Island to help them expand their business. "It’s exciting to be expanding and growing, and we’re very much looking forward to having a presence in the South Island and offering more Kiwis the chance to enjoy travel this incredible country in one of the best value RVs on offer."

Euro _RV_2

Eura Mobil Profila

Described by Rainer as a "bach on wheels", the Eura Mobil Profila is packed with premium features. From the cleverly hidden storage in the heated double floors, to the ambient LED lighting to swivel water tap, every inch offers something new to discover.

The Profila’s open-plan architecture creates a sense of space and makes it effortless to move between zones. The seating is not only generous, but luxuriously comfortable too.

An ergonomically designed bathroom, satellite TV, large 140-litre fridge and central heating all combine with a stylish interior and premium finishing touches you’d expect to find in a fine hotel. The result is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury that will turn a road trip into the holiday of a lifetime.

Allegra 475

The Allegra 475 offers a feature so cool you’ll wish you had one in your own home. Hidden conveniently below the sink is a 150-litre pull-out fridge/freezer. It’s nice and wide and good lighting makes it easy to see everything at a glance. And with equally large drawers above and below for pots and plates, plus overhead storage, there’s plenty of room without compromising accessibility.

The caravan sleeps four and features a ‘u-shaped’ living room with a decent-sized bathroom that includes a separate shower. The whole family can enjoy a comfortable sleep with a double French bed plus a fold-down table that transforms the dining area into a second sleep space for two.

Allegra 390

At less than six-metres long, this tidy caravan has a surprising amount of space on offer. The compact kitchen makes clever use of every inch of space with a bench top housing a three-hob gas cooktop and sink. And tucked away under the bench is a 92-litre Trigano three-way fridge with internal freezer cabinet.

An efficiently compact bathroom is tucked into the rear corner and offers all the essentials including LED lighting and a roof hatch. And despite its smaller size, the permanently made-up queen bed is unobtrusive and offers a serious amount of storage space underneath.

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