Business profile: Auckland Motorhomes

By: Erin Hayes

Business profile: Auckland Motorhomes Business profile: Auckland Motorhomes
Business profile: Auckland Motorhomes Business profile: Auckland Motorhomes
Business profile: Auckland Motorhomes Business profile: Auckland Motorhomes

Auckland Motorhomes has been around for over 13 years, and pioneered the importation of motorhomes into New Zealand. MCD talks to owner Dan Monk.

In 2011, the company was bought by Dan Monk who still runs it today along with four staff members. Three dealers around the country – Freedom RV in Christchurch; Cars and Commercials in Stoke, Nelson (for Imala’s range only); On The Way RV in Tauranga – have new Auckland Motorhomes’ stock coming in all the time.

Currently it imports AutoTrail – the best of Britain, Imala – also from AutoTrail but in a lower price range, both of which come on a Fiat chassis; and Sunliner from Australia with the option of either a FWD or RWD chassis. However, the company has two more lined up for later in the year which will be able to compete favourably with other brands on the market.

As of six months ago, Auckland Motorhomes became the first and only New Zealand agent that Fiat offers its five-year warranty on AutoTrail motorhomes through.

AutoTrail has recently added a tropical fridge to its motorhomes, which is ideal for New Zealand conditions as they run three degrees colder than standard European fridges, because they have a larger burner.

All AutoTrail motorhomes are pretty much ready to go when they’re imported. Auckland Motorhomes replaces the standard 118-litre grey water tank to be on par with the standard 140-litre fresh water tank and, of course, certifies the motorhomes for New Zealand roads.

There are three different AutoTrail options to choose from – Super Lo-line, Lo-line, and High-line – and the layout options are endless. There is a reason the brand is the number one-selling top quality range of motorhomes; AutoTrail won six categories at the Caravan Club Design Awards in the UK last month, and its carrying weight of 310 to 1100kg is a lot higher than most other models.

AutoTrail’s Frontier Comanche and Delaware models have recently had their bed widths increased by 80mm and they now have six drawers underneath. Not only is this a massive improvement to the bedroom, the new reconfiguration means the garage door is now 100mm wider and the inside is 400mm deeper.

The last year has been extremely busy for Auckland Motorhomes – even through the winter period. The company doubled its outdoor space a year ago, which has created more sales. One couple has even been back for their third purchase from the company.

Helping people through the process of buying a new or used motorhome is a passion for Auckland Motorhomes. "We are always willing to expand our motorhoming family," says Dan.

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