Introducing the NEW Zephyr caravan

By: Lisa Potter

Introducing the NEW Zephyr caravan Introducing the NEW Zephyr caravan
Introducing the NEW Zephyr caravan Introducing the NEW Zephyr caravan
Introducing the NEW Zephyr caravan Introducing the NEW Zephyr caravan

Lisa Potter checks out the Zephyr caravan, the latest offering from the Leisure Line stable.

The newest offering from Leisure Line is something a little different. It is a perfect marriage between old and new – akin to a stroll down memory lane, but wearing the latest threads and enjoying modern technology.

The Zephyr caravan is the ultimate revival of a Kiwi classic. Originally designed and built in the 1950s as a cost-effective, comfortable family caravan, the brand ceased production in the late 90s.

However, Wayne and Colin always shared a fondness for the Zephyr – for its authenticity, its simplicity and its ability to offer first-time caravan owners a shot at the lifestyle.

The pair cheekily approached owners of the Zephyr brand, Shaun and Peter Newman from TrailLite in Pukekohe, regarding reviving it. The talks were a success and now, just six months later, the first Zephyr has rolled with pride out of the Leisure Line workshop.

Despite the hundreds of caravans Leisure Line and Southern Star has built throughout its 15-year history, there is something special about this Zephyr. It strikes a chord for Wayne of his childhood holidays and the pleasures of a simple uncluttered lifestyle.

"The original Zephyr gave Kiwis the chance to experience that genuine family holiday experience," he says. "It was nothing flash and was probably something of a workhorse in that it had all the basics necessary – much like those authentic old Kiwi baches.

"Today’s Zephyr is our New Zealand take on a European model caravan. It is spec’d to the same level as an imported caravan, but we’ve designed a Kiwi alternative for those looking for a more affordable option to bach living."

Each of the three models – the 450, 560 and 580 – have slightly different interior layouts, but are equipped with all the mod-cons for comfort and function. With the price starting from $58,000, Wayne is confident it is the right time to introduce this caravan brand to the New Zealand market.

The biggest difference from the original Zephyr design is the addition of a bathroom, with a roomy shower, basin and toilet. This will come as a relief (pun intended) to those new to caravanning.

A double-sized bed with inner sprung mattress (supported by gas struts) sits snugly against the side wall, allowing plenty of space in the kitchen which comes complete with a Triplex 3 burner and oven, expel air and gas hot water.

The fibreglass front and rear ends are a departure from the usual caravan building process for Leisure Line, which traditionally builds aluminium exterior caravans.

"That has helped us keep the weight down and we worked with Reflex Panels, which, like us, is a New Zealand company with a solid reputation. They specialise in fibreglass, we specialise in caravans and it has been extremely successful working together.

"We stick with what we are great at – and that’s building caravans. We use registered electricians and plumbers, as that is their area of expertise, and this all contributes to our strong reputation for quality caravans."

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