Business profile: RSE NZ

By: Erin Hayes

Business profile: RSE NZ Business profile: RSE NZ
Business profile: RSE NZ Business profile: RSE NZ
Business profile: RSE NZ Business profile: RSE NZ
Business profile: RSE NZ Business profile: RSE NZ

A visit to the Bangkok International Motor Show in 2004 sparked an idea for Daryl and Sue Muir that filled a gap in the New Zealand market. That's when RSE (NZ) Ltd – or Rear Seat Entertainment – was born.

At the time, the couple's other business was their main focus but in 2007, after almost 15 years of checking odometers on Japanese imported cars, they sold Automotive Technologies Ltd to focus solely on RSE working from their garage.

The idea was simple – they imported Next Base seven-inch and 8.5-inch DVD players and distributed them to Freedom Air, Air New Zealand and Jucy (among others) in New Zealand and Australia.

It wasn't long before RSE added Next Base's 11-inch digital TV and DVD player to its line, and in 2008 Daryl and Sue realised they needed something to fit the bigger market. "There was nothing around," says Daryl, so the company developed its own product for motorhomes and the likes – a 19-inch HD TV with DVD. "From there the product developed as the market required."

The company soon added more products – a TV screen with a satellite receiver, and later one capable to operate with pay-to-view TV and an FM transmitter. Along with TVs, they also introduced a range of accessories: their own mini satellite receiver; a range of brackets; plus reversing cameras and monitors.

In 2011, RSE was given the distribution of the Ten Haaft automatic satellite systems from Germany. From this the SamY was developed especially for New Zealand conditions. "It has been extremely successful and has become the benchmark for automatic satellite dishes in NZ," says Daryl. Over 600 units have been sold in the last three-and-a-half years which is a good indication of how well this product has been received in the marketplace.


The addition of SamYs to RSE's line helped the company's growth considerably and by 2012 it had grown so much, the company moved to a new premise on Spartan Road with its four staff. In the last three years, RSE has added five more staff members to its team, which is just as well considering how busy the last few months have been.

RSE has been at the recent Camper Care show in Hamilton, the Covi Show at ASB Showgrounds, the Auckland Easter Rally, and on top of that, they've just moved down the road to an even bigger space.

Its new workshop has allowed up to seven motorhomes inside as opposed to two. It has also allowed them to expand by opening RSE Storage, with 10,000 square feet of inside storage available, plus outside storage for a further 20 motorhomes or caravans. This long- or short-term storage solution offers battery charging and dehumidifiers on all inside stored vehicles and CCTV protection. There will also be managers living onsite for added security (see

FinScan, an operating system for superyachts, has recently developed a similar product specifically for motorhomes and RSE has taken distributorship. Being introduced soon, the touchscreen will allow people to operate and measure anything in their motorhome from tank levels and voltages, to lights and solar power.

The company is also currently developing a new model along with a range of Bluetooth accessories to match – so keep an eye out.

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