Product profile: Krappatowa

By: Peta Stavelli, Photography by: Peta Stavelli

Occasionally a product comes along that makes you smile. Peta Stavelli checks out the Krappatowa and finds it to be much more than a catchy name.

My first sight of the Krappatowa was just in passing. Call me purile, if you like, but the name really made me smile. And when you smile you are more likely to recall the reason. What a clever piece of marketing.

Krappatowa -1

Clever, but not gimmicky, as I found out when I visited the Krappatowa stand at Christchurch's Camper Care Show.

This is a substantial, well-designed, purpose-built, and versatile product for which there will no doubt be uses too numerous to mention.

But I can think of a few. No doubt you will add your own ideas once I have explained what a Krappatowa actually comprises.

Well, the first thing to know is that while your first thought might be the Krapptowa is a mobile ablutions block, it can contain everything you require — including the kitchen sink.

It could be a basic toilet with shower and hand-basin in a fully-insulated, lockable trailer. It could be a tradesman's trailer, painting, wash, and containment tanks, pump and sink facilities. Or a specialised washdown facility with waste catchment tank for personal decontamination. It could also be a fully-compliant disabled bathroom with unique drop-down floor, or a temporary bathroom for use during bathroom renovations.

Or it could come as a fully-kitted out support vehicle, complete with a very cleverly designed outdoor kitchen, on standby ready for use at your next outdoor event, function, or extended family holiday.

After the show, I spoke to Matthew Sandrey about his company's plans for the Krappatowa.

Matthew says, "The show was a great success for us with a huge very positive feedback and dozens of people coming back to say we had the best product in the show.Krappatowa -2

"It has been a huge sales success and a wonderful result for the first week on the market."

Matthew explains that the target market — the "full" camping version with everythin, including the kitchen sink — is aimed at either the tenters who want their home comforts but do not want to upgrade to either a caravan or motorhome, both of which would cost tens of thousands of dollars more, or for larger motor home buyers wishing to downgrade to a smaller more manageable motorhome but retain the full bathroom facilities.

He says, "The other huge benefit is the space of a full-sized domestic shower, plus ample room outside the shower to dry off and get dressed in privacy.

"The ultimate Krappatowa would be the full camping version, including the kitchenette and the zip-on side awning and tent, made by OZTENT, taking only 30 seconds to erect and providing a two-room accommodation tent."

He sees massive potential, backed by positive feedback from the public, for the fully kitted-out version of Krapptowa to accompany temporary porta-com and sleep-out buildings.

But really, the sky is the limit. "We can work with your requirements to customise the Krappatowa into the ultimate support vehicle."

For more information contact Matthew Sandrey on (03) 929 0113, 027 228 7384 or

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