TrailLite’s new brand Everything RV

Don’t be confused when you see a new name advertising the retail and service areas at the TrailLite Centre in Pukekohe.

TrailLite’s new brand Everything RV
TrailLite’s new brand Everything RV

The long-standing TrailLite brand hasn't gone anywhere — although this dynamic New Zealand company has always moved with the times. In the last few years TrailLite has incorporated several brands into its existing range, and because of this, going forward, its Motorhome and Caravan Centre will be known as Everything RV.

"Our retail yard has always been known as the centre for TrailLite motorhomes and caravans," says Shaun Newman of TrailLite. "But an increase in the types of product that we sell has led us to rebrand this part of the company to reflect the wider range."

As well as TrailLites, Everything RV now sells Leisureline and Bailey caravans and in the last few months has added luxury UK-manufactured brand Auto-Sleepers to the list.

In 2014, TrailLite will have been manufacturing RVs in New Zealand for 60 years. That makes this well-known company the longest-standing manufacturer of motorhomes in the country. In this age of challenge and change, that is something to be proud of.

It's also a matter of pride that the company is still in the hands of the Newman family, who have been with it from the mid-1970s. The company had its beginning back in 1954 when two cabinetmakers, Mr Penman and Mr Crotty, rolled out their first caravan, which they called a TrailLite, and went on to become significant players in the burgeoning caravan market.

In 1979, Robert Muldoon's infamous luxury tax all but sank the local caravan-building industry and so it was a brave move by two other men, who had both worked alongside Penman and Crotty, to buy the company in the 1980s. Peter Newman and Ross Duncan were men of vision and to weather the storm they turned their attention to building TrailLite motorhomes, which soon became the focus of their business.

Today, around 60 luxury TrailLite motorhomes roll off the production line at Pukekohe each year. Its reputation has grown not only because of the quality of the build but for the company's flexible attitude to custom design and the client involvement it encourages in the process.

Peter's son Shaun — now sharing the helm as company manager — shows the same foresight as his father. Four years ago, for instance, the company incorporated the Roadcraft brand into its manufacturing range and under the TrailLite banner, now produces these nimble vans made for adventure-loving Kiwis. It was Shaun's recognition of the way the RV industry in New Zealand is heading that has led him to include the Bailey, Leisureline, and Auto-Sleepers products into the TrailLite business.

"We have a lot of synergy with these other brands," says Shaun. "They sit comfortably within TrailLite's philosophy and share the sort of values with which we run our own company."

If you're thinking of buying some sort of home on the road or upgrading what you already own, Everything RV is a name to remember.

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