The Dangerous Book for Boys

By: Rosemary Hepozden

By Conn Iggulden and Hal Iggulden

The Dangerous Book for Boys
The Dangerous Book for Boys

Yes, a book especially for boys, but also for men who remember a boy-oriented world of exploration, how-to and adventure.

"It isn’t about climbing Everest, but it is an attitude, a philosophy for fathers and sons," says co-author Conn Iggulden. "Our institutions are too wrapped up in terror over being sued — so we have to do things with them [our children] ourselves. This book isn’t a bad place to start."

This New Zealand version carries a foreword by John Campbell, who notes: "The question at the heart of this book is: how do we grow good men? Tying knots may not help us, nor, I suspect, will recognising naval flag codes. But, a too often busy or distracted father spending time with his son as they do these things together [or fail to do them, in my case], may make some kind of difference."

What are the laws of rugby union and rugby league again? Which parts of the cabbage tree are edible? What really happened at Waterloo and the Somme? Who is Charles Upham? These questions and many more are covered fully in this wonderful almanac of facts, maps, stories, science and history.

(HarperCollins, RRP $49.00)

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