Road trips: Waiuku to South Manukau Heads

South and east of Auckland is a sinewy coastline that offers quintessential beachfront New Zealand. Here calm water laps at white sand, fringed with gnarled pohutukawa, and a backdrop of dense bush beckons further exploration. Moving inland, the Hunua Ranges Regional Park reaches from the flat farmland south of Auckland and stretches to the southeast coastline.

Things to see and do

McNicol Homestead and Museum: visit to experience the rich history of the settlers in this area. The Mangatangi Dam is situated in the Hunua Ranges. The Hunua Ranges Regional Park is known for its many walking and tramping routes, catering to a range of fitness levels. It’s also home to a wide variety of native birds, including the rare kokako. Whitford to Kaiaua: don’t miss the coastal road for beautiful beachfront. Tapapakanga Regional Park: this is just one of the 25 regional parks in the Auckland district, housing a delightful place to camp. The Ashby Homestead: built by James Ashby in 1900, this is just one of the historical attractions along the many walks in this area.

Places to eat and drink

Clevedon Farmers’ Market: famous in this region and held every Sunday, 10am-3pm. Clevedon Village boasts a bakery, craft shop, and the Clevedon Café, pairing local produce and wine. Seaside villages: Kaiaua, Kawakawa Bay, and Maraetai offer a range of tantalising cafés, restaurants, and pubs. Roadtrip _article _tile
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