Two great seafood festivals

Coromandel Seafood Festival – 4 May


If you’re looking for seafood in a sublime location, then the Coromandel Seafood Festival is the place to be. With its pristine waters, the Coromandel Harbour is renowned for its mussel and oyster farms, as well as being a great place to haul out your line and catch some fish.

The festival, held in Coromandel Town, is a favourite with locals and visitors for its down-to-earth and ‘get involved’ approach.

The programme includes a fishing competition, oyster and mussel shucking, food demonstrations, live music, fish filleting demonstrations, and local cafes and restaurants showcasing all kinds of seafood.

Bluff Oyster & Food Festival – 25 May


The Bluff Oyster & Food Festival is New Zealand’s must-do seafood event. And there isn’t a more perfect destination to sample the famous Bluff oysters. The salty seaside township of Bluff is home to this festive winter event brought to you by the locals with a uniquely southern flavour.

Complementing the sumptuous Bluff Oyster is a variety of seafoods including crayfish, paua (abalone), scallops, salmon, blue cod and whitebait in abundance.

Grab your hat, scarf and a winter coat for an event-filled day of live music, along with oyster shucking and eating competitions.  

Source: New Zealand Tourism

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