Coastal Motorhomes 2018 range lithium powered

“We have been waiting patiently for years now for lithium to become an option for our industry,” co-owner Paul Farrell says.


“While lithium has been an option, up until now, it has not been done properly,” he says. “The latest revolution in these battery packs is that they have extremely intelligent battery management systems (BMS) built into the battery case. 

"The BMS is the key to the success here, as it monitors each cell in the pack making sure that all cells are charged and discharged evenly and the temp is controlled, and of course, the relevant cut of or disconnect features come with that. 

“The brand we chose is designed in Australia by Enerdrive, and not only is there a BMS there is also a Wi-Fi function, which means that you can connect directly to the battery with your device and get real-time info on the battery status, including the individual cells and the health and number of cycles the battery has had in its life.

“The choice was obvious for us, as we have saved hugely on weight and space in our build. Lithium also recharges way faster than other batteries, so by having enough solar on the roof, and our sophisticated charge system, our clients will never need to plug into the grid again!"

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