Auckland and Christchurch to get electric scooters

You may soon be seeing limes on the streets of Auckland and Christchurch. Electric Lime scooters that is.


San Francisco-based company Lime Technology is set to introduce its electric scooter service—a ride share scheme—in the two cities over the next month.

The scooters can only be activated through an app. Users upload a credit card and top-up as needed to pay for the service. The app will also tell people if there are available scooters nearby.

The service is available in several cities overseas, allowing people to pick up a scooter and leave it at their destination. The collection and charging of the scooters takes place overnight so that they are ready for use again the following morning.


Lime Technology’s e-scooters have a 300-watt motor, a 48km range, and a top speed of 27km/h. They are fitted with front and rear lights, brakes, and a bell.

The scooters, which operate in more than 80 places around the world, will cost $1 to unlock and 30 cents per minute to use, or $18 an hour.

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