MCD Pets Barry and Bailey

Barry White, the blind cat


Abandoned as a tiny kitten, little Barry—completely blind and suffering cat flu—was very fortunate to find his way to a kind vet. Since then, he has found the best home possible with MCD’s image retoucher, Chrissy.

“We took him in knowing he could fully enjoy our specially made blind cat garden where he can safely explore the great outdoors,” she says. Barry is very talkative and quick to try new things, despite being blind, and has a special friend in another disabled cat, Squeek.

Bailey, the Border Collie


Most of you have probably met Bailey at various motorhome shows around the country. Bailey is owned by Camper Care’s CEO Nick Baker and can usually be found at his side. He loves travelling to shows and being fussed over by visitors, especially if they play a quick round of ball catch with him!

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