Handy Winter Travel Tips


  • If you’re expecting to encounter snow, be sure your vehicle has chains. And practise putting them on before you set off, so when you need to use them, you’re an old hand at fitting them.
  • Don’t start driving too early in the morning when roads can still be slick with black ice or frost.
  • Park out of the wind and where you’ll get the most sun.
  • Check your vehicle for drafts and be sure to plug them.
  • Have your heating system serviced before you set off, and make sure it can tolerate truly cold conditions.
  • Be sure you know how to avoid or remedy frozen pipes; a hair dryer can be handy.
  • Draw blinds/curtains early to keep the heat in.
  • When the temperature goes sub-zero, powered sites are preferable as you can keep your RV properly heated, take longer, warmer showers, and simply be safer.

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