8 Reasons To Own An RV

Freedom to explore

One of the best things about travelling in your own RV has to be the freedom and flexibility to go where you choose, when you choose. Your accommodation is always sorted, you can take your time travelling, and if you fancy a last-minute change of destination, it’s no hassle.

Packing is easy

Once you’ve set your RV up with your favourite travel basics, packing for holidays becomes a matter of a quick top-up and off you go.

Live minimally

When you travel by RV, you soon realise just how many material possessions you can do without. And when you’re surrounded by nature’s beauty on your travels, you soon start to realise the impact that our ‘stuff’ has on the environment, which makes you think twice before buying so much of it.

Be part of a camaraderie

Being a part of New Zealand’s motorhoming community is a fantastic way to meet new, like-minded people. From quick carpark chats to motorhome rallies and events, motorhomers are a friendly bunch and newbies are always welcomed. You’re sure to come away with helpful motorhoming and travel tips, memorable experiences, and great friendships.

Home away from home

Travelling in your own RV means always sleeping in your own bed, having everything the way you like it, and never being without the travel essentials that provide that extra comforts of home.

Be more active

Who wants to sit and watch TV or get stuck on the computer when there’s so much to see and do outside? New Zealand has so many wonderful walking paths, beaches, and tramps (not to mention beautiful cities), waiting to be explored, and what better way than by motorhome? Just park, put on your walking shoes, and get discovering!

Save money

Forget expensive motels, airfares, and taxis; an RV eliminates the need for them all. Many motorhomers find other great ways to save many, too, such as getting together with other travellers for meals and enjoying the simpler (and cheaper) things in life.

The dog can come too!

A holiday just isn’t the same when you have to book your beloved furry friends into a boarding facility first. But with your own motorhome, your best friend can join the adventure.
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