Review: McLouis MC4-37 Motorhomes

Italian manufacturer McLouis Motorhomes offers plenty of flexibility to its customers, but it’s fair to say the rear garage was a big focus for the motorhome builder when blueprinting the MC4-37.

If you’re new to motorhoming, my first thoughts are that this particular model, distributed in New Zealand by Drury-headquartered Auckland Motorhomes, could fit the bill for a number of reasons, which I’ll get into in a minute.

In addition to the one you see on these pages, there are five other McLouis MC4 models available, up to the range-topping MC4-80, which measures in at 7380mm long.

So, while we’re pinpointing the MC4-37 as a great catch-all for those looking to purchase their first comprehensively-specified motorhome, the McLouis range offers up something for every buyer.

First look at the MC4-37

Standard -fare -includes -the -swivelling -cab -seats

Okay, why do I think the MC4-37 makes for a great first-timer recipe? A number of factors actually.

Firstly, the bang-for-buck ratio works well here. This four-berth machine features a high level of comfort and convenience specification for the price.

Standard fare includes swivelling cab seats, a three-burner gas hob and oven, three-way 150-litre fridge, a SkyDome window to let in extra light, a solar panel, recessed LED lighting throughout, spacious separate shower and washroom facilities, and a cassette toilet.

All New Zealand-market McLouis MC4-37s also feature a reversing camera as standard.

Before you start wondering where berths three and four are, look up. The automatic drop-down bed rests against the ceiling but doesn’t impact on headroom too much.

It can even remain made up with sheets and duvet during the day. At night, a simple switch drops the bed down to hip height in a matter of seconds automatically. Just be sure to remove everything from the adjustable dining table first.

Space and power

Mc Louis -massive -rear -boot

Admit it, the first time—perhaps even the first few times—you head out on the open road in your motorhome, you’re probably going to pack everything you can, except for the proverbial kitchen sink (there’s one in the motorhome after all).

The McLouis MC4-37 has you covered though, with a massive rear boot.

What’s more, at the rear of the well-appointed bathroom (situated at the back of the vehicle), a supplementary internal cupboard with automatic lighting provides for more storage or a supersized closet.

Even if you’re taking more than you might possibly need, you’ll have room to store it all. But because the MC4-37 still features a relatively compact footprint, it isn’t an intimidating vehicle to steer along New Zealand’s sinewy backroads or through that busy supermarket car park in the centre of town.

Like all McLouis motorhomes, the MC4-37 is underpinned with Fiat’s proven Ducato chassis architecture and running gear; here Fiat’s 180hp turbo diesel engine is on offer. These engines are known to be reliable and offer plenty of power and torque, more than enough to get you up the next incline and off into the distance.

McLouis range highlight

Automatic -drop -down -bed

We’ll take a closer look at another aspect of the growing McLouis range in a future issue, but it’s worth noting now that the manufacturer recently added a new

A Class vehicle to its lineup in the form of the 7260mm-long Nevis 75. You know, for when it’s time to trade up to something more substantial.

There are four different configurations of McLouis Nevis available.

The $155,000 mid-range Nevis 75 features two permanent single beds at the rear, supplemented with a pull-down bed over the cab.

Back at the rear of the living area, a separate en suite adds to the motorhome’s practicality. That interior is bright and airy, too, thanks to the Nevis 75’s standard SkyDome window in the cabin roof.

Despite the high level of features within the Nevis 75, it is built with practicality in mind and doesn’t scrimp on space. There is plenty of internal room (freed up during the day by that drop-down bed) and a large garage at the rear.

The Nevis 75 features a carrying weight of 473kg and features 118-litre fresh and 225-litre grey water tanks onboard.


The McLouis MC4-37 goes against the grain when it comes to what you might be expecting from an entry-level option. This four-berth motorhome packs plenty into its compact footprint, presenting a great option for those who might be new to motorhoming.

It’s a vehicle that is easy to park yet retains the inner space of a comfortable cruiser, with the added bonus of a decent rear storage for those who might take a ‘belt and braces’ approach to packing for that adventure on the road.


McLouis MC4-37 specifications

Berths: 4

Axles: 2

Approx. overall length: 6670mm

Approx. overall height: 2350mm

Max fresh water capacity:  118L

GVM: 3500kg

Price: From $135,000

McLouis MC4-37 Pluses

  • Emphasis on storage space
  • Comprehensive feature set for the price
  • Dependable Fiat Ducato underpinnings

McLouis MC4-37 Minuses

  • Drop-down bed won't suit all buyers
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